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Briefing on Safety Inspection of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the Venue for the Jamboree K-pop concert (Aug. 10)

□ This is Choi Hoon, Deputy Minister of the Local Administration and Balanced Development Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS).


I would like to brief you on the safety inspection of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the venue of the 2023 World Scout Jamboree K-pop concert to be held from 7:00 p.m. on Friday, August 11.


○ The MOIS has been conducting safety inspections throughout the stadium starting this morning.


□ The following are the major areas under inspection:


○ To prevent crowd-related accidents, we will be closely monitoring entrances and exits to ensure orderly flows, for instance, by deploying safety personnel and securing wide walkways. In addition, we are also checking whether emergency evacuation routes have been secured. Moreover, we are meticulously taking measures to properly manage the crowd as part of our efforts to prevent spectators from falling or rushing the stage.


○ We also plan to check the monitoring and rapid response capabilities of the on-site Command Post, so developments can be shared among relevant agencies and responses can proceed quickly.


○ In regard to rescue and first aid, we will also check the stationing of emergency medical centers, the current status of ambulance deployment, emergency transport systems for the rapid transfer of anyone suffering from heatstroke or exhaustion. Ambulance access to and secure exit routes from the site will be verified as well.


○ As part of the effort to prepare for Typhoon Khanun, which made landfall on our south coast this morning, we are meticulously inspecting the stage equipment and facilities installed at the concert site to ensure that no damage will occur since there are safety concerns due mainly to strong winds.


○ In addition, we are planning to check the condition of the sprinkler and other systems related to the electricity supply and fire prevention.


□ The on-site inspections have so far produced the following preparations.


○ Firstly, around 200 firefighters and 600 police officers will be deployed along each aisle in the World Cup Stadium to manage crowds and provide quick rescue and first-aid in the event of an emergency. Police officers will also be deployed outside the Stadium to control traffic and manage crowds.


○ About 90,000 bottles have been prepared to provide the Scouts enough drinking water.


○ Four emergency medical centers will be set up in- and outside the Stadium, and around 40 medical personnel will be deployed.


□ Lastly, in a bid to forestall potential broadcasting disruptions that might be caused by power outages, generators, distribution panels and electricity flows were checked on each floor.


○ In preparation for a fire, additional fire extinguishers will be placed on each floor to reduce the size of vulnerability.


□ Tomorrow morning, we will minimize risk factors by reconfirming crowd management, security personnel deployment and entry and exit routes.


○ The main stage will also undergo additional inspections before the concert.


□ The MOIS will make every effort to ensure that the K-pop concert will proceed without a single accident and that all participants can enjoy the event safely and form good memories of Korea.


Thank you.