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Emergency Evacuation Status Briefing Due to Typhoon Khanun (Aug. 9)

This is Lee Sang-min, the Minister of the Interior and Safety, 
overseeing the Jamboree Emergency Preparedness and Response 
I will now provide an update on the current emergency evacuation 
status for the participants of the 25th World Scout Jamboree due to 
the northward movement of Typhoon Khanun.
The first bus carrying participants from Taiwan departed the 
campsite in the morning of August 8. With the final departure of 
Czech participants at 7 p.m., all youth participants have left the 
campsite, and subsequently, the International Service Team (IST) 
members have also relocated sequentially.
Currently, World Jamboree participants are dispersed and 
accommodated in facilities arranged by eight different provinces and 
Measures have been implemented to ensure that Jamboree 
participants, who were fatigued due to urgent evacuation 
preparations, can find comfortable rest in the provided 
After a hearty breakfast, participants have commenced engaging in 
experiential programs organized by local government authorities 
since this morning.Meanwhile, both central and local governments are making every 
effort to ensure the safe and pleasant environment for Jamboree 
Starting from the afternoon of August 8, the Ministry of the Interior 
and Safety has dispatched a total of 130 regional coordinators, 
including 9 director-general level officials, to provide comprehensive 
support for safety, cleanliness of accommodations, and medical 
In addition, since August 8, central government officials have been 
providing support, including interpretation services. 
Today, a total of 180 personnel from 36 ministries, agencies, and 
offices are offering assistance. Local governments are also sending 
available personnel to conduct on-site monitoring of program 
progress and address any participant inconveniences.
Various cultural, educational, and experiential programs are being 
conducted by each local government for Jamboree participants.
Some notable programs include Seoul's Han River Dance Night, a 
tour of Gyeonggi's Temporary Palace at Hwaseong Fortress, a 
UNESCO World Heritage site, a mud experience in Boryong, 
Chungnam, and a traditional percussion play experience in Jeonbuk.
Regarding industrial tours, participants will visit bio companies in 
Incheon and Hyundai Motor Group in Gyeonggi.
For off-site program operations, the police are providing support to 
ensure safety, while the fire department is ready for any emergencies.Lastly, due to the northward movement of Typhoon Khanun, the 
government, in collaboration with local governments, the police, and 
fire department, is intensifying preventive patrols for flooding, debris, 
landslides, and other potential risks around the accommodations to 
ensure the safety of Jamboree participants.
Especially, safety management against the typhoon is being 
reinforced for off-site program areas.
In preparation for accommodations potentially being directly affected 
by the typhoon, the government, along with the World Organization 
of the Scout Movement, will share real-time disaster information and 
provide participants with instructions regarding the typhoon's 
progress and recommended actions, aiming to ensure the safety and 
well-being of all Jamboree participants.
Thank you.