About the Jamboree

Jamboree Symbol


Suggestive of a tent as well as traditional roof, the logo embodies the delight of Jamboree—where Scouts coming from all over the world celebrate festive moments under one roof in Korea.


Mascot: Saebeomi

Saebeomi is a baby tiger raised in Saemangeum. Saebeomi denotes not only young and progressive Scouts who are poised to unfold and explore new horizons and grow into reliable leaders but also their bravery.

Saemangeum tiger 'beomi',
'Draw your dream! Saebeomi~!
(Tiger of Saemangeum! Draw your Dream!)

I am a tiger cub living in Saemangeum, born to embrace the West Sea!
I dream of a new world with a fresh mindset, completely different from before.
Along with friends visiting Saemangeum, I wish to make the world more beautiful.
To build a beautiful world with them is my dream.
You all, let's draw our dreams together!

Theme Song

The title ‘Carpe Diem’ means 'focus on the present' in Latin. The song features samba rhythms with Korean and English lyrics; ‘Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane,’ a Korean folk song, is included in the chorus to stimulate excitement.