About the Jamboree

Safe from Harm


  • Safe from Harm training aims to protect youth and adults from harm and create a safe and healthy Jamboree environment during the 25th World Scouting Jamboree (25th WSJ).
  • The training will be completed by adults aged 18 or older (IST, JPT, unit leaders, and all other Jamboree staff) in Jamboree at the time of the event, and will learn how to prevent possible abuse in Jamboree.
  • All youth at Jamboree have the right to be shielded from harm, and adults at Jamboree have a responsibility to protect all youth. Adults must also recognize that abuse can happen to youth at Jamboree at any time, and must remain alert and act appropriately at all times. This is also an important policy priority of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) Views and Policies

  • The Scout Movement is an educational movement for the development of young people throughout the world, without discrimination as to gender, origin, race or religious belief, or any other distinction. It provides opportunities for personal development and the development of sound citizenship in local, national and international communities.
  • This vision can only be realized if a safe environment is created for young people's development, hence the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990) and the adoption of the Safe from Harm resolution by the World Conference in 2002, which has since evolved into the World Safe from Harm Policy (World Policy, 2017).
  • The Safe from Harm training for the 25th World Scouting Jamboree (25th WSJ) reflects the principles of the World Safe from Harm Policy (World Policy, 2017) and the World Scouting Jamboree Hosting Guidelines and is provided to all adults (ISTs, JPTs, unit leaders, and other staff working at the Jamboree) who are 18 years of age or older to ensure a safe Jamboree.

Safe from Harm

  • You may be wondering why you need to address the issue of abuse in a jamboree, because getting it right will help you protect not only yourself, but the youth in Scouting.
  • Adults participating in the Jamboree should use the training to increase their ability to recognize and respond to signs of abuse related to youth protection.
  • While it is everyone's right to be protected from abuse, in this training, we're focusing primarily on youth abuse because the vast majority of abuse at jamborees is perpetrated by adults, fellow youth, or multiple young people, and we want to focus on designing programs that are safer for youth. Needless to say, human rights are precious and non-negotiable.


  • Adults 18 years of age or older participating in the Jamboree must complete the Safe from Harm training.
  • Day visitors to the World Jamboree will be trained on-site at the Jamboree, and all adult participants, except day visitors, will be required to complete the Safe from Harm training by accessing a link sent to their email.
  • International participants are especially encouraged to complete the Safe from Harm training before entering Korea. This is to avoid delays in the immigration process due to completing the training at the airport or welcome center after arriving in Korea.

Code of Conduct

You will find below the Code of Conduct of the World Scout Jamboree for any adult participant.
On my honour, I pledge that I will abide by the following code of conduct as an adult participant.
  • 1.I will respect the dignity of every person regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, creed, socio-economic background, disability or any other differences.
  • 2.I will not behave in a way that might inflict any kind of harm including physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect on adolescents.
  • 3.I will take necessary measures to report the incident if I become aware that another person has committed abuse.
  • 4.I will respect the personal space of others and will not engage in any sexual activity/behaviour with children and young people.
  • 5.I will not carry on my person or use illegal drugs (narcotic substances, psychoactive drugs, marijuana) nor will I carry on my person or use firearms and dangerous objects (fireworks, explosives, combat knives, pornographic material, etc.).
  • 6.I acknowledge that smoking on-site is only authorized in designated areas, and I will not smoke in tents.
  • 7.I acknowledge that alcohol cannot be consumed on-site and that all forms of gambling are prohibited.
  • 8.I acknowledge that I may be evicted from the Jamboree site if I violate the code of conduct or the Scout Law.