About the Jamboree

Organizing Committee

Organization Chart for the 25th World Scout Jamboree

Organizing Committee (host)
  • General Assembly (highest decision-making entity)
  • Executive Committee
  • Korea Scout Association / World Organization of the Scout Movement
    • Organizing Committee Bureau
      (Jamboree preparation, operations)
      • General Planning Department
        (budgeting, accounting)
      • External Cooperation Department
        (crisis management, public relations)
      • Event Operations Department
        (event operations)
      • Facilities Department
        (campsite construction)
    • Jamboree Planning Team (JPT)
      (hands-on work, consultation)
      • JPT Planning & Coordination Department
      • JPT Program Department
      • JPT Support Department
      • JPT Administration Department
      • JPT Facility Department

      5 Hub Camps

      25 Subcamps

      1,250 Units

※ (): tasks

Organizing Committee Bureau

Organizing Committee Bureau
Phone Number Responsibility
Secretary-General +82-63-583-5116
  • Supervise the Organizing Committee
Director +82-63-583-4219
  • Supervise the General Planning Department
Management Team
  • Coordinate jobs in the Organizing Committee
  • Manage the Organizing Committee Bureau Control inventory
Planning &
Coordination Team
  • Develop key planning
  • Manage the General Assembly and the Executive Committee
  • Make budgets
Human Resources
Organization Team
  • Manage manpower
  • Build staffing plans by stage
Finance Team
  • Organize and coordinate financial management plans
  • Perform accounting, contract, and settlement
l Cooperation
Director +82-63-584-2012
  • Supervise the External Cooperation Department
Risk Control Team +82-63-581-0610
  • Create disaster safety and terrorism countermeasures
  • Identify potential risks and establish action plans
Management Team
  • Make sponsorship proposals
  • Motivate and promote corporate sponsors
PR Team +82-63-584-6357
  • Publicize the Jamboree through both online and offline channels
  • Nail media relations
  • Produce promotional materials
Marketing Team +82-63-581-8311
  • Carry out marketing strategies
  • Push forward the branding process
Event Operations
Director +82-63-584-1014
  • Supervise the Event Operations Department
Member States
Management Team
  • Craft ways to achieve six pledges
  • Manage the Operation K
  • Assist the visa application process
Support Team
  • Provide support for contingents and relevant meetings
  • Take care of VIPs and domestic guests
Support Team
  • Forge exhibit plans
  • Communicate with the World Scout Bureau
Program Team +82-63-584-6360
  • Plan and market on- and off-site programs
  • Promote the Pre-Jamboree
  • Construct integrated platforms
Camp Support Team +82-2-734-1012
  • Form relationships among Scouting organizations
  • Operate overseas JPT and GPT projects
Transportation Team
  • Manage material transport
  • Determine and execute health and hygiene measures
Director +82-63-581-8501
  • Supervise the Facilities Department
Domain Facility Team +82-63-581-8505
  • Purchase the site and build the venue
  • Install facilities
Infrastructure Team +82-63-581-8506
  • Build and maintain infrastructures
  • Install and manage electrical and telecommunications systems
Domain Security Team +82-63-581-8508
  • Conduct safety and environmental affairs
  • Set youth protection policies
Environment Team +82-63-581-8310
  • Develop and implement environmental plans
  • Clean up the campground and maintain cleanliness
For inquiries, please contact the team in charge.
For inquiries, please contact the team in charge.
Category E-mail
Representative of the Organizing Committee Camp Support Team 25wsj@scout.or.kr
Publicity PR Team wsjpr@scout.or.kr
Food House, World Scout Center Exhibition Support Team wsjfh@scout.or.kr
Operation K, visa Member States Management Team ok-visa@scout.or.kr
Registration fees Accounting Finance Team wsjfee@scout.or.kr
Programs Program Team wsjprog@scout.or.kr
Pre- and post-programs pre-posttour@scout.or.kr
Transport Goods Transportation Team wsjtp@scout.or.kr
Head of Contingent meetings Delegation Support Team hocmeeting@scout.or.kr