SaeManGeum, Korea2023 25the World Scout Jamboree jamboree Scout Mondial


On- and Off-site Programs


The 25th World Scout Jamboree program consists of the 4S+ACT elements—each designed to support social, physical, intellectual, emotional, mental, and personality development in Scouts in attendance.

  • Self-improvement
  • Capacity reinforcement as an upright citizen
  • Acceptance of diversity and profound connection with other Scouts
  • Commitment to world peace and ecological enhancement


  • Throughout the Jamboree, a broad array of individual and team activities, which contain involvement-based rewards, will inspire participants to ignite fulfillment. Not only that, we will also deliver the opportunity for career awareness and exploration under the theme ‘Draw your Dream.’
  • Activities
    • We will keep them engaged in 2-3 activities a day out of more than 200. We will also have contingency planning for bad weather.
Shape the future by teenagers from around the globe.
Shape the future by teenagers from around the globe.
Draw your Dream4S+ACT program
Scouting for Life

Combining Scouting values and educational ideas concerning global citizenship and sustainability, the Scouting for Life sector will empower young people to foster leadership and life skills and turn them into accountable citizens capable of tackling the world’s challenges.

  • Pioneering
    Acquire Scout skills—knotting and weaving—and create objects
    60 minutes
  • Hwarang Award
    Lift Scout Spirit through a wide range of tasks suggested by the Korean Scout Association
    3 hours
  • Amateur Radio
    Comprehend ham radio fundamentals
    60 minutes
  • Bushcraft
    Get outdoors without destroying nature
    60 minutes
  • Orienteering
    Navigate with a map and compass
    60 minutes
Smart & Scientific

Via the official app, participants will get actively involved in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, utilizing the Scout method. While taking a tour of the future—robots and virtual reality, they will be able to share the Jamboree program and emerging technologies with their families and friends as well as other Scouts.

  • VR and AR
    Explore virtual reality and augmented reality
    30 minutes
  • Renewable Energy
    Understand the features and benefits of renewable resources
    30 minutes
  • Drone
    Learn drone basics, such as history and theory, and pilot a drone
    60 minutes
Safe & Secured

The Safe & Secured sector intends to help boys and girls take a proactive approach to emergency response associated with natural disasters and infectious diseases and practice safety drills—developed by the Korea Scout Association.

  • Camping School with Go Camping
    Learn camping safety tips, including wilderness risk management
    60 minutes
  • 119 Safety Experience Center (off-site)
    Experience mock accidents and strengthen capabilities to respond to dangerous situations
    60 minutes

In association with regional, domestic, and foreign partners, the Sustainability sector is dedicated to teaching teen participants to advocate for sustainable development practices for their local and global communities. In Better World Tent and Global Development Village, they will commune with nature, forge a culture of peace and discussion, and leverage diversity and inclusion.

Go to the Sustainability program

ACT: Adventure, Culture, Tradition

Not only will teenagers participating in the ACT sector interact with nature in the nearest mountain, river, and sea, but they will also discover Korean culture through K-pop, Bibimbap, Hangeul, and much more.

  • Zip Line
    Enjoy a thrilling and speedy ride
    60 minutes
  • Korean Archery
    Heighten confidence and courage through archery
    30 minutes
  • Forest Rope Play
    Partake in forest rope play and unlock the spirit of adventure and challenge
    60 minutes
  • Artificial Climbing
    Climb a rock like wall with gear essentials, which will make you patient and adventurous
    30 minutes
  • Water Sport (inflatable slide, air bounce, snorkeling)
    Overcome aquaphobia whilst having fun on the water
    60 minutes
  • K-pop Dance
    Try K-pop dance and Korean culture
    60 minutes
  • Dream Kite
    Make and fly your Jamboree kite
    30 minutes
  • Handicraft
    Create your own souvenir using various materials
    30 minutes