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IST Programs


As we are aware that it is important for IST members to ease workplace stress for the success of the Jamboree, we are set to offer the opportunity to soak in Korean culture during off-hours inside and outside the campground.

Free programs

Free programs
On-site Off-site
To get your energy back, you can use convenience amenities at Staff Hub when you are not working. A small campsite along the seaside will allow you to rest away from work and enjoy socializing.

Paid programs

Paid programs
Jeollabuk-do package tour Independent tour
Find the best packages, operated by the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government, to amazing spots. Online booking is required. Take a bus or shuttle and start the trip on your own; please note that there is no financial assistance.

List of Jeollabuk-do Tour Packages

Only curated trip in IST programs

List of Jeollabuk-do Tour Packages
Route Destination
1 Free & Easy Jeonju: the heart of Jeollabuk-do for the perfect self-guided tour Jeonju
2 Exhilaration begins right here! Jeonju, Wanju
3 ‘Bravo! Young Men and Young Energy’ Jeonju, Gimje
4 Uncover Korea’s World Heritage Site Iksan
5 Let’s go sea fishing Gunsan
6 Retreat at national parks and eco-friendly parks with lungs full of fresh air Jeongeup, Gochang
7 See and savor Korea Sunchang, Namwon
8 Ginseng farm tour Imsil, Jinan
9 Adventure in pure nature—Taekwondo and water skiing Muju, Jangsu
10 Healing escape through temple stay Buan