Jamboree Life


Food Ordering System

Food orders can be requested by each unit leader.

Be sure to read the ordering system manual before applying.

A total of 75 meals (33 regular, 21 halal, and 21 vegan) can be requested in advance.

  • Kosher will be cooked and served separately.
  • If no reservations are made, it will be served as a representative menu for a regular meal.
  • Food Ordering Period : June 1 – June 30, 2023
  • Food Ordering System Link : https://tos.ourhome.co.kr/2023wsj/
  • The Food Ordering System Manual and Jamboree Cookbook can be viewed and downloaded from the Food Ordering System link.

Food Ordering System

Jamboree Meal

Jamboree Meal
Classification Feeding participants IST Dining Room
Date 8.1.(Tue) Dinner - 8.12.(Sat) Breakfast 7.29.(Sat) Dinner ~ 8.13.(Sun) Breakfast
Time 05:00~06:00 / 17:00~18:00 06:00~08:00(Lunch: Quick bites) / 17:00~20:00
Location Food Pantries in Subcamps Staff cafeteria in the Goguryeo hub
Food Supply

During the 12 days of camping in hot summer, nutrition will be a very critical part of health. The Jamboree food plan was established, fulfilling autonomy, cultural appreciation, convenience, and enjoyment. Menus reflect global food traditions and trends. Every unit will place an order in advance and receive ingredients at Subcamp the same day—and then cook.

If you have a special event during the Jamboree, you may be able to substitute other ingredients from the pre-ordered regular meals. However, to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions, those people may receive ingredients based on their pre-order.

Foods can be ordered in increments of 1 Troop within each unit. Basic condiments (pepper, salt, oil, chili powder, etc.) will be provided once in the August 1 dinner food shipment.

For food boxes, breakfast and lunch are provided together, and each unit receives 8 boxes. For dinner, only 4 boxes are supplied(you must return the food box after the meal).

  • Breakfast : Green Food Box
  • Lunch: Gray Food Box
  • Dinner: Orange Food Box

Provide cookware in halves to help people prepare meals

  • 2-Burner, Coppell (Large), Coppell (Medium), Frying Pan for Coppell, Kettle, Airtight Container, Tongs, Lid, Ladle, Stainless Steel Basket, Spatula, Stainless Steel Tray, Mixing Bowl, Kitchen Knife, Chopping Board, Esophagus, Kitchen Utensil Box, Dishwasher, Scrubber, Bucket, Food Waste Bin 20L, Trash Can, Dishwashing Liquid, Dishcloth, Water Bottle
What to do about allergies

To proactively prevent allergy issues for participants during the Jamboree, the food ordering system now requires participants to indicate the number of people with allergies and the type of allergy in the food ordering system if there are any allergic individuals in the class. Extra allergy substitutes will be distributed for those with allergies.

Canteen for Operational Members

Ensuring culinary diversity, Canteen will open at Staff Hub for approximately 10,000 volunteers who endeavor to create a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The cafeteria for operational personnel is set up with 3,000 seats, and meals are prepared as an autonomous buffet restaurant with fully prepared meals. After breakfast, we will provide a to-go lunch consisting of light snacks. In addition, we are preparing to minimize waiting time by operating 8 meal lines.
※ Halal: Separate food line

What to do about allergies

In the case of staff meals, which are served in autonomous buffet restaurants, we are addressing allergies by labeling the exact ingredients such as country of origin and raw materials. In addition, in the case of special meals(halal, kosher, etc.) we are building a separate cooking area in the cooking room to prepare meals.

Food House

Food House is devoted to giving Jamboree participants the chance to relish international cuisine. Contingents aspiring to sell dishes and introduce their culture in a creative and unique way can go into business-but not for commercial purposes.

Food House will not be just a food court but a place to expand your palate with an open mind, meet new people, get back in touch with old friends, and embrace cultural authenticity in food.

Composed of cafes, restaurants, and snack bars, Food House is anticipated to gain popularity during the entire Jamboree.

The Food House program is a longstanding tradition at the World Scout Jamboree. In 2023, the greatest-ever Food House will be unveiled. We advise you should stop by Food House and sample bright flavors from around the world-which you might have never eaten. Unfamiliar ingredients, spices, and recipes will definitely impress you don't miss out on the opportunity to make a delicious memory.

The Jamboree Food House Committee was launched in partnership with the Organizing Committee and Food House applicants.