Organizing Committee

Organization Chart for the 25th World Scout Jamboree

Organizing Committee (host)
  • General Assembly (highest decision-making entity)
  • Executive Committee
  • Korea Scout Association / World Organization of the Scout Movement
    • Organizing Committee Bureau
      (Jamboree preparation, operations)
      • General Planning Department
        (budgeting, accounting)
      • External Cooperation Department
        (crisis management, public relations)
      • Event Operations Department
        (event operations)
      • Facilities Department
        (campsite construction)
    • Jamboree Planning Team (JPT)
      (hands-on work, consultation)
      • JPT Planning & Coordination Department
      • JPT Program Department
      • JPT Support Department
      • JPT Administration Department
      • JPT Facility Department

      5 Hub Camps

      25 Subcamps

      1,250 Units

※ (): tasks

Organizing Committee Bureau

Organizing Committee Bureau
Phone Number Responsibility
Secretary-General +82-63-583-5116
  • Supervise the Organizing Committee
Director +82-63-583-4219
  • Supervise the General Planning Department
Management Team
  • Coordinate jobs in the Organizing Committee
  • Manage the Organizing Committee Bureau Control inventory
Planning &
Coordination Team
  • Develop key planning
  • Manage the General Assembly and the Executive Committee
  • Make budgets
Human Resources
Organization Team
  • Manage manpower
  • Build staffing plans by stage
Finance Team
  • Organize and coordinate financial management plans
  • Perform accounting, contract, and settlement
l Cooperation
Director +82-63-584-2012
  • Supervise the External Cooperation Department
Risk Control Team +82-63-581-0610
  • Create disaster safety and terrorism countermeasures
  • Identify potential risks and establish action plans
Management Team
  • Make sponsorship proposals
  • Motivate and promote corporate sponsors
PR Team +82-63-584-6357
  • Publicize the Jamboree through both online and offline channels
  • Nail media relations
  • Produce promotional materials
Marketing Team +82-63-581-8311
  • Carry out marketing strategies
  • Push forward the branding process
Event Operations
Director +82-63-584-1014
  • Supervise the Event Operations Department
Member States
Management Team
  • Craft ways to achieve six pledges
  • Manage the Operation K
  • Assist the visa application process
Support Team
  • Provide support for contingents and relevant meetings
  • Take care of VIPs and domestic guests
Support Team
  • Forge exhibit plans
  • Communicate with the World Scout Bureau
Program Team +82-63-584-6360
  • Plan and market on- and off-site programs
  • Promote the Pre-Jamboree
  • Construct integrated platforms
Camp Support Team +82-2-734-1012
  • Form relationships among Scouting organizations
  • Operate overseas JPT and GPT projects
Transportation Team
  • Manage material transport
  • Determine and execute health and hygiene measures
Director +82-63-581-8501
  • Supervise the Facilities Department
Domain Facility Team +82-63-581-8505
  • Purchase the site and build the venue
  • Install facilities
Infrastructure Team +82-63-581-8506
  • Build and maintain infrastructures
  • Install and manage electrical and telecommunications systems
Domain Security Team +82-63-581-8508
  • Conduct safety and environmental affairs
  • Set youth protection policies
Environment Team +82-63-581-8310
  • Develop and implement environmental plans
  • Clean up the campground and maintain cleanliness
For inquiries, please contact the team in charge.
For inquiries, please contact the team in charge.
Category E-mail
Representative of the Organizing Committee Camp Support Team
Publicity PR Team
Food House, World Scout Center Exhibition Support Team
Operation K, visa Member States Management Team
Registration fees Accounting Finance Team
Programs Program Team
Pre- and post-programs
Transport Goods Transportation Team
Head of Contingent meetings Delegation Support Team